Why Not Just Stay Home and Help?

Why Not Just Stay Home and Help?

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My idea is to encourage and enable those with less financial resources and older adults to volunteer in Kenya (and eventually other African countries) by connecting volunteers directly with worthy projects.   




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My idea would encourage those with less financial resources and older adults to volunteer in Kenya. Currently many of the organizations that arrange volunteer experiences focus on students and young people. They also often charge $1500 a week and keep a large portion of the payment to maintain their organizations. This increases costs to the volunteer and offers no help to the project.
When you do not use an agency you only pay about $100.00 a week for room and board. Also there are often extra added bonuses such as arranged safaris at discount prices, group activities and long lasting friendships. This is especially true for new or small projects.

Why is promoting global travel and engagement important? What makes your idea innovative? (200 words max)

When some one learned of my upcoming trip to Africa they asked me why I thought it was important to travel to other parts of the world to help others when there is such a great need at home. I had been thinking about this myself and here are some of those thoughts.

To help us to recognize and decrease our own ethnocentricities and prejudices

To learn from others about things we have no idea we don't know.

To foster acceptance and open our hearts to those we view as "different" from ourselves.

To make small footprints on the road to world peace.

To add perspective to our own worries and "needs".

To appreciate all we have, and to share it with those who have the least.

To let the world know that the people of the United States are good people, caring and compassionate.

To learn to view God and the spirit in a more global way. To combine giving with getting, the pleasure of travel and new life- altering and affirming experiences.

What would it take to launch or spread your idea? How much would it cost to make your idea a reality? (150 words max)

Develop a web site for non-profit organizations in Africa who wish to recruit volunteers of all ages directly, that is without middlemen (agencies). These organizations would be screened for legitimacy, management and outcome. The cost of this project would be for website development and ongoing maintance. We would need to hiring someone (perhaps a volunteer) to visit and report on organizations who desire to be included in this project.

Describe your work as a social innovator (150 words max)

I have done volunteer work at my church and community for almost 30 years. I have been involved in starting a number of major projects and providing new ideas. I am an idea person, I am best at designing programs and getting things started. I then leave the running of the programs to others so I can go on to develop new projects. In my over 30 years as a nursing educator and clinician
(psychiatric nurse practitioner) I have considerable experience developing and managing programs and people.

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